TOP 50 – JANVIER 2023

1 Little Simz No Thank You Forever Living Originals
2 Tendance Parks Avenue Broken Car Stereo Pastiche Reverse Tapes
3 Mauskovic Dance Band (The) Bukaroo Bank Bongo Joe
4 Stuffed Foxes Songs-Motion Return Yotanka-Reverse Tapes
5 Surprise Chef Education & Recreation Big Crown
6 V One Night Stand La Belle Records
7 Agar Agar Player Non Player Cracki records
8 La Battue Farrago parapente
9 Savana Funk Ghibli Garrincha gogo
10 Raz & Afla The Cycle Mawimbi
11 Vulves Assassines Das Kapital Le Pays Aéré
12 Opac La lumière sortira de nos mains Reverse Tapes
13 Claire Days Emotionnal Territory Pschent
14 Sarera & Blanc Manioc Walimizi Blanc Manioc
15 Derya Yildrim & Grup Simsek Dost 2 Bongo Joe
16 Low Rent Housing La Mort de l’Age Lyrique Reverse Tapes
17 Leo Pol IILE Tal 0004 IILE Records
18 Iggy Pop Every Loser Gold Tooth Records
19 Magon Enter By The Narrow Gate Howlin Banana
20 HiTech Hitech FXHE
21 H JeuneCrack 3ème Cycle Opale Système
22 Ernesto Djédjé Roi Du Ziglibithy Analog Africa
23 Ghost Woman Anne, If Full Time Hobby
24 Goat Oh Death Rocket Recording
25 Ghost Car Truly Trash One Little Independent Records
26 Dalle Béton Béton Force 9 Fixation Autoprod
28 Trotski Nautique Marx Exotique Autoprod
29 Italia 90 Living Human Treasure Brace Yourself Records
30 Murder capital (The) Gigi’s Recovery Human season records
31 Quiltboy Cooked by times goose All Gone
32 Quantum Quantum Mirage Autoprod
33 Black Market Karma Friends in Noise Flower Power Records
34 7Metronomy Small World (Special Edition) Because Music
36 Delivery Forever Giving Handshakes Spoilsport
37 NZE NZE Adzi Akal Tennage Menopause
38 Le Cluster Ensemble Midi midi autoprod
39 JJH POTTER Low Tide 14 records
40 Smirk Material Feel it records
41 Kid Kapichi Here’s what you could have won Spinefarm records
42 Rounhaa MOBIUS Sublime
43 Crenoka x Uzi-B Somethong else than human Figures libres
44 OHM Of Hymns and mountains autoprod
45 Shygirl Nymph Because Music
46 Cherry Cheeks Cherry Radio Under The Gun
47 Ekkstacy Misery UnitedMasters
48 Garuzé Nouvelle fenêtre Records DK
49 OPAC In fragments Ampersound
50 Surf Curse Magic House Warner