Playlist de la midinale du 12/05/2021

JP Goulag – Caught In A Clutch

Mars Red Sky – The Whinery

Crimi – La Virrinedda

Sumac Dub meets Art-X – Moho

Panda Dub – Vertige


Paul Jacobs – Day To Day

Goat Girl– Pest

Grand Soleil – Round Round Round

Folamour – Skin U’re In


Hällas – Star Rider

The Vintage Caravan – Hell

Les Gordon – Opale (ft Whimtherapy)

La Fine Equipe – Happy End

Allah Las – Tell Me

No Encore – RobertDarc

Sly & The Family Stone – Shine It On

Girl In Red – I’ll Call You Mine

Kid Cudi – Mr Rager

Egopusher – Blue Moon

Katuchat – Dust

Bagarre – Béton armé

Weezer – All The Good Ones

Vicky Vale – Dancing