« Il est vraiment chelou, la dernière fois en soirée je l’ai vu faire un cendrier avec sa peau de couille »

Darkside – The limit

/A\ – Grain sand & mud

Wu Lyf – Dirt

Laylow – Stuntmen ft Alpha Wann

Top Left Club – Talk talk

The World – What friends ?

Biga*Ranx – Berlin erverything

!!! – Jamie, my intentions are bass

Snapped Ankles – The evidence

People Club – Francine

The Procussions – Badges

Boston Bun – Stay around


ISHKR – Late night confessions

PUP – If this tour doesn’t kill you, I will

Turnstile – Blackout

Run The Jewel – Ooh La la

Anika – Critical

Mogwaï – Party in the dark

Genesis Owusu – Don’t need you

Night Beats – Ticket

Agar Agar – I’m that guy

Hante. – A lifetime of desire

Oliver Malcolm – The machine

Wolf Alice – Play the greatest hits

Vince Staples – The shining

Programme B : Despentes-Luz, vortex subutex pt 4/4

Bronski Beat – Smalltown boy (Rebotini remix)

A Place To Bury Strangers – Playing the part

The Vaccines – All in white

Deliii & Koro – Mousso Ye

Dizzee Rascal – L.L.L.L

The Acid – Basic instinct

Mansfield Tya – Une danse de mauvais goût ft Odezenne

Nursery – Porn life

Chill Bump – Twenty

Poté – Valley

Fusionner le Temps Machine et Terres du Son, c’était comme fusionner Le Louvre et Eurodisney

Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling

Boogers – Put Your Head

Eels – Anything For Boo

The Avalanches – The Divine Chord

Trotski Nautique – les Fêtes dans les appartements (feat Eric)

Stiff Richards – Point Of You

Bobby Ramone – I Don’t Want To Stand Up

The Belmondos – Get By

The Boatsmen – Even The Good Times Were bad

** Agendaaaaaaa **

The Boatsmen – Even The Good Times Were Bad

Syndrome 81 – Traffic

Strawberry Seas – Anyone

Chapelier Fou – Les Mariannes

Toekan – Y

Crenoka – Not Gonna Get Us (t.A.T.u cover)

Mean Streets – Masturbation

Uncommonmenfrommars – Plastic Guns

Gaye Su Akyol – Isyam Manifestosu

Turfu – Astral Nouba

Touche Amore – Limelight

Ed Warner – Live Song (DFI Cover)

Ultramoderne – Antédiluvien

Slipknot – Surfacing

The Pookies – 1933

PUP – Kids

Disniga – Nigga dont uplit me

Totorro – Saveur Cheveux

Dead To Me – Don’t Wanna

Blink 182 – Anthem Part Two

« Quand t’a chaud, tu peux envoyer un message à ton ex pour avoir du vent »

Smoke DZA – No Regrets

LeRoyce – But I Love Ya

Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real

Myd – Born A Loser

La Jungle – Du Sang Du Singe

Aufgang – Huryia

Slipknot – Left Behind

Haken – Carousel

Goat Girl – Anxiety Feels

The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs

Altin Gun – Vay Dunya

David Walters – Kryé Mwen

Greentea Peng – Earnest

Wicked Dub Division – Mama

Balm – Dummy

Vertical – I Wish

The Dead Pirates – Clement

Wizard – Bones

Elkka – Morning Fuzz

Hante – Apnée

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt II

Folamour – Truth

Coeo – Flesh World

Bad Nerves – Dreaming


Azmari – Cosmic Masadani

« J’ai rêvé que j’étais poursuivi par Brice Hortefeux, nu »

Servo – Sex toys

Genesis Owusu – Don’t need you

K.Flay – My name isn’t katherine

Ela Minus – Megapunk

Lomepal – Ego

Wavves – Thru hell


Retrosect – Avortement

Soviet Soviet – Rainbow

The Heavy – Not the one

Oliver Malcolm – The machine

Poté – Young lies

Interview : Agroforesterie pour demain

Altin Gün – Kisasa kisas

Cults – A low

A Place To Bury Strangers – End of the night

Darkside – The limit

Vince Staples – Law of avergaes

Slaves – Cheer up London

Peter Von Poehl – I miss my old grey skies

Gerard Jugno 106 – Gerard’s 06

KennyHoopla – Estella

Ghetto Kumbé – Cara a cara

« L’Homme est un abîme et on a le vertige quand on se penche dessus … » (Georg Büchner, Woyseck) / Playlist 7h-10h


EXTRA GOLDEN Ilando Gima Onge


ARM Code source

LA RUMEUR La meilleure des polices

NUDE Ithemba


OJUN Grand merkal

ALT-J Taro






LLOYD LUTHER Drugs on tap





SHREYA GHOSAL Silsila ye chahat ka




O’SISTERS The anthem

O.B.F. Feat. CHARLIE P., IRAH & KILLA P Ina this ya time

J’ai la bouche sale mais j’ai encore rien dit :(

Midinale du 27*07*2021 12h > 14h

La Cérémoniale – Shoes up & down

Loroy Sibbles – Groove Me

Keny Arkana – On Les Emmerde

Chill Bump – Thristeen

Disnigga – Nigga dont uplit me

Burning Heads – Hope

Van Dammes – Finaly There

Yoko? Oh No! – Alone

Johnny Mafia – Ushuaia

** Agendaaaaaaaa **

Queen Of The Meadow – Honey

Claire Days – Austria

La Battue – Get Set, Go!

** Interview du festival « Arts Scéniques et vieilles dentelles »

Scratchophone Orchestra – Trump

Irene Drésel – Strupre

Anika – Critical

O’sisters – Can’t be divided

The Muffs – Sad Tomorrow

Heavy Heart – Sub 120

Weezer – 1 More Hit

The Darkness – I Beleive In A Thing Called Love

Alma – Time’s Running Out

Sepultura – Refuse / Resist

The Avalanches – The Divine Chorld

Il y a un mec qui a renversé sa boisson sur moi et au lieu d’essuyer il m’a léché le bras…

Poolidor – Ceux qui voient le vent

Chet Faker – So long so lonely

Enny – Under 25′

Yoko? Oh No! – Out of question

Poté – Valley

Flying Lotus – Black gold

Dominic Sonic – Acid sonic

/A\ – Hotel Stellar

Peter Pan Pan – Let it out

Oliver Malcolm – The machine

Laylow – SPECIAL

Squirrel Flower – Big beast

Retrosect – Un maman une papa

CHAI – End

Kojaque – Black sheep part. I

Wizard – Bones

Boston Bun – Spinning around

Soda Blonde – In the heat of the night

– Garage rooftop

Black Midi – John L

Irène Drésel – Miroir

Arthur Satan – She’s hotter than the sun

Smoke DZA – No regrets

Wolf Alice – How can I make it ok?

Gerard Jugno106 – Gerard’s 06

Snoh Aalegra – On my mind

Skyzoo – Free jewelry

Alma – Fading process

O’Sisters – Fishes with venum

Julius on the wave – Tenue républicaine

It It Anita – 53

En cas de petite déprime dites vous qu’il y a pire, vous pourriez vivre à Vierzon ou à Montluçon.

BLK JKS – Harare ((feat. Morena Leraba)

Supermunk – I Had Way Too Much Fun (Tribute to UncommonmenfromMars)

Perturbator – Lustful Sacraments

Erol Alkan – Automatic

Genesis Owusu – The Other Black Dog

Vince Staples – Law of Average

Agenda ! 

Retrosect – Avortement

Pikes – Flex & Stretch

Retriever – Water Crumbs

MNDSGN – Hope You’re Doin’ Better

Lundispensable : Daft Punk – Alive 2007

Hante. – Blank Love

Milkilo – Qirmzi

A Place To Bury Strangers – End of the Night

K.Flay -Good Girl

WAVVES – Sinking Feeling

Quivers – You’re Not Always On My Mind

Deen Burbigo – Agent Orange

Keny Arkana – J’sais pas faire autrement

Hide – Mermaid

Mad Foxes – Crystal Glass

Matinale du 26.07.2021

Silly Boy Blue – Teenager

London Grammar – How Does It Feel

Pop Levi – Limousine

The Go! Team – Pow

Queen Of The Meadow – Honey

La Battue – The Wreck Of My Soul

Somelse – Sharon

** C’est le jeuuuuu **

Andrea Laszlo De Simone – Dal Giorno In Cui Sei Nato Tu

Becca Mancari – Annie

Metallica – Enter Sandman

Gojira– Into The Storm

Korn – Got The Life

** L’agendaaaaaa **

Lakun Kayri – Monie

Calypzoo – Jacques Yves

Biga*Ranx – Regarde Moi

Nivek – Histoires

Beng Beng Cocktail – Six Roses

The Decline – Heroes On Empty Streets

Boogers – Something For You

Mansfield Tya – une Danse de Mauvais Goût

La Dispute – The Last Lost Continent

/A\ – Grain Sand and Mud

** Programme B – Despentes-Luz, voxtex subutex **

Chill Bump – Nineteen

Svinkels – PxxxxN de Hippie

Julius On The wave – Pas de Chichi

Jane et les Autres – Business

Jorja Smith – Digging

Irene Dressel – Vestale

Placebo – Taste In Men

Petrol Girls – Touch Me Again

Dead To Me – Arrhythmic Palpitations

Blink 182 – Anthem

Playlist du 16H > 19H du 23/07

Mad Foxes – Charlie

No Metal In This Battle – Alaska Beach

Darkside – I’m the echo

Serge Gainsbourg – Colin-Maillard

People Club – Lay down your weapons

Hante. – Blank love

Arthur Satan – This is mine

A Place To Bury Strangers – End of the night

Delilah Holiday – Devoted 2 U

Siriusmo – La bouche

Futur Island – Lighthouse

Los Bitchos – The link is about to die

Mansplaining – Pourquoi on veut tout pardonner aux hommes qui pètent les plombs

Dream Wife – F.U.U.

Ratatat – Mirando

Vince Staples – Law of averages

Wavves – Sinking feeling

Night Beats – Thorns

Rone – Sot L’y laisse ft Odezenne

Benjamin Epps – Le plus grand

Gurl – SIK

Death From Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979

Genesis Owusu – Don’t need you

Poté – Valley

Weezer – 1 more hit


Grande – La petite sirène

Snapped Ankles – The evidence

Grandmaster Flash – Swagger

The Shapeshifters – You ain’t love ft Teni Tinks

Top Left Club – Talk Talk

The Go! Team – Pow

Group Doueh & Cheveu – Hamadi

Chill Bump – Twenty

The Undertones – Teenage kicks

Blackmail – Guinée bissau

Modest Mouse – We’re lucky

Tyler, The Creator – Lemonhead ft 42 Dugg

Amyl & The Sniffers – Got you

Oliver Malcolm – Runaway

Gargäntua – La mort avec toi