Midinale (14/05/2024)

Fat White Family – Work

Moloch/Monolyth – There’s Nothing After

METZ – Entwined (Street Light Buzz)

Péniche – Guérande BZH

Irmini Mons – Quelqu’un de bien

W!zard – Jack is a Sociopath


Low Rent Housing – New McCarthyism

Thom Yorke – Has Ended

Nicolas Cueille – Oppticca

ITW – La Poule à Facettes

Bleu Shinobi – Sleepy

Rank O – Talking Monument

Black Country New Road – Athens France

Olga – Pensées

Wilco – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

Post Bad S.CDE – A Mother’s Wing


Midinale (30/04/2024)

Billions of Comrades – Cabra

METZ – No Reservation/Love Comes Crashing

Rank O – Talking Monument


Nicolas Cueille – Toppo Loggi

Post Bad S.CDE – Summer 13 (Text me Back)

ITW – New Trad Festival avec Arthur (La Berge), et Olmo et Heloïse (Zamzamrec)

Jéricho – De Dreit Nien

Big Thief – Simulation Swarm

Ultimate Painting – Ultimate Painting

MGMT – When You Die

Midinale du yoyoyo local (26/04/2024)

The Psychotic Monks – Post Post

Gilla Band – Post Ryan

Suicide – Dream Baby Dream

Animal Collective – Royal and Desire

Arcade Fire – The Lightning


Diadème – Seule dans ce vide

Low – Quorum

Crack Cloud – Please Yourself

Viagra Boys – Baby Criminal

J’ai de la Locale

Low Rent Housing – Inner Ape

Pneu – pyramide-banane-chocolat

Sodom & Sagesse – Berzingue

Rank O – Hotel Club Paradisio

Bleu Shinobi – Bad Poetry

Crenoka – Pray

Back and Forth – Time Whispers

Jim Ballon – Ca m’éclate les yeux

Meule – Flush

Waramour – Want U

Midinale yoyoyo (23/04/2024)

RIDE – Light in a Quiet Room

Billions of Comrades – Cabra

Rank O – Rebirth

Pom Poko – Champion


Diadème – Au-delà

Alke – Blooming Lights

Adrianne Lenker – Vampire Empire

Back and Forth – Time Whispers

ITW avec Romain de Chiva Rumbera 

Chiva Rumbera – Guaro!

You Said Strange – Dance for No One

METZ – No Resevation / Love Comes Crashing

Animal Collective – Did You See The Worlds

GaBLé -TeLL uS MoRe

Bleu Shinobi – Sleepy

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, James McAlister, Nico Muhly – Pluto

Thom Yorke – Knife Edge

Meule – Vacuum (1)


Midinale du yoyoyo 09/04/2024

PURRS – Brutal Round Here

OMNI – Double Negative

Rank O – Meadows

Crack Cloud – Post Truth

Spiritualized – Always Together With You

Péniche – Treize à la Douzaine


Johnnie Carwash – Sunshine

Wine Lips – Stimulation

Tapir! – On A Grassy Knoww (We’ll Bow Together)

Tioklu – Let Them Go

ITW – Une Vie de Fêtes avec Mathilde et Chloé du Plessis

Rubin Steiner – Tout Ira Bien

RIDE – Light in a Quiet Room

Adrianne Lenker – Free Treasure

Ben Howard – What a Day

Beth Gibbons – Floating On A Moment

Satellite Jockey – Légère

GaBLé – Tell Us More

Little Simz – How Did You Get Here

midinale du yoyoyo 26/03/2024


Radical Kitten – Never on Time

Gilla Band – Backwash

Gnoomes – Ural Sun

Chemtrails – Bang Bang


Rank O – Meadows

The Smile – You Will Never Work in Television Again

Spiritualized – The Mainline Son/The Lockdown Song

ITW Kestu’ Bouine – Pa’Delante – Sidi Wacho

Alke – Blooming Lights

Tioklu – Straight Line, Big Days

USA Nails – Cathartic Entertainement

Abstral Compost – Malgrè Tempêtes feat La Gale

Back and Forth – Roses

midinale yoyoyo (19/03/2024)

Tapir! – On a Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)

Gablé – Ponytail

Declan McKenna – Nothing Works

The Big Idea – The Fight

Lysistrata – Feel the Shine

Namdose – Wake Up


Péniche – La Vareuse

Satellite Jockey – Légère

Crème Solaire – Meilleurx (Opé Férarock)

Paranoid London – grndr (Opé Férarock)

Radiohead – The Gloaming

James Blake – Tell Me

Ana Lua Caiano – De Cabeça Colda Ao Chao (Album de la Semaine)

Tioklu – Straight Line, Big Days

Beak> – When We Fall

Beth Gibbons – Floating on a Moment

Merryn Jeann – Subconscious Love Connections

Ducks LTD. – A Girl, Running

Waramour – Mine

Astrel K – A Rudderless Ship

Rank O – Hotel Club Paradisio

Purrs – Brutal Round Here

Ty Segall – Pretty Miss Titty

Midinale yo (05/03/2024)

Lysistrata – Feel the Shine

BRNS – Mexico

The Big Idea – The Fight

Ambulanz – Run Run Run

Warm Exit – TV

Butterfly Bulldozer – Pr. Tricks


Sodom & Sagesse – Berzingue

Francky Goes to Pointe a Pitre – Plaisir Coupable

GaBlé – FruiTion

Declan McKenna – Nothing Works

Pile – Only For A Reminder

The Smile – Under Our Pillows

Wilco – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

Angelo de Augustine – Time

Pretty Inside – Big Star

Big Star – Watch the Sunrise

Tapir! – Broken Ark

P446 – From The Morning

Yard Act – A Vineyard for the North

Little Simz – Mood Swings

Arrested Development – Crowd Surf

Joey Bada$$ – Waves

James Blake – Tell Me

Beck – Que Onda Guero

midinale yo (23/01/2024)

Slowdive – Shanty

The Smile – Teleharmonic

PACKS – Honey

Music on Hold – Last Laugh

The Notwist – Ship feat. Saya

Odran Trümmel – Mon Amitié


Sodom & Sagesse – Berzingue

Shark Mayol – Kraut Coco

Tendance Parks Avenue – Talking Like Dogs

Mandy Indiana – Pinking Shears

Hot Garbage – Look at My Phone

Sprints – Can’t Get Enough of It

Lysistrata – Mourn

FACS – When You Say

Jim Ballon – Les Ondes

Beach House – Once Twice Melody

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo de Augustine – Reach Out

Ben Howard – Follies Fixture

Bon Iver – 8 (circle)

Midinale (19/12/2023)

The Strokes – The Adults Are Talking

Squirrel Flower – Almost Pulled Away

Slowdive – No Longer Making Time

San Carol – Doesn’t Matter

Beck – Nobody’s Fault But My Own

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Telegram


Sufjan Stevens – There’s a World

Bess of Bedlam – Houses on Sand

Ian Brown – Shadow of a Saint

BRNS – The Way Up

Other Lives – For 12

The Notwist – Ship (feat. Saya)

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Pyramids in the Clouds

Perfume Genius – Pop Song

Phoebe Bridgers – Sidelines

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

Panda Bear – Tropic of Cancer

Jim O’Rourke – Prelude to 110 or 220 / Women of the World

Lee Ranaldo – Waitin on a Dream

Thurston Moore – Orchard Street