Les chiottes de festival c’est une dimension à part où absolument tout peut arriver.

Girl in Red – Serotonin

K.Flay – Good Girl

Talk Show Host – Blood in the Sand

Weezer – The End of the Game

Silly Boy Blue – Teenager

Arlo Parks – Too Good

Bobby Ramone – I dont want to stand up

Agenda !

Johnnie Carwash – Forever Yours

Johnny Mafia – TV & Disney

Myd – The Sun

Grand Soleil – Human Error

Irène Drésel – Vestale

Daft Punk – Around The World/Harder Better Faster Stronger

Fogbow – Exhausted

Hoorsees – Pitfall

Mogwai – Ceiling Granny

Milkilo – Qirmzi

Death From Above 1979 – One + One

Unschooling – NYE

Quivers – You’re Not Always On my Mind

Biga*Ranx – Mad Move

Deen Burbigo – Agent Orange (feat. Nekfeu)

Soda Blonde – In The Heat Of The Night

Johnnie Carwash – A Chaque fois qu’on se touche

KennyHoopla – estella

Hante. – Blank Love

Amarcord – Don’t be Sad Cause It’s Over, be Happy Cause It Happened (Alan Dixon Remix)

Avant pour faire peur aux conservateurs fallait s’habiller tout en noir, maintenant c’est aux couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel !

Blessings – Full time Fool

Bleu Shinobi – day dreaming

Skepta – Lit Like This

Enny – Peng Black Girls (feat. Amia Brave)

Radical Kitten – I Don’t Wanna

THANK – Taxidermist

Darkside – The Limit

Agenda !

La Yegros – A ver A Ver

Altin Gün – Cips Kola Kilit

Yoko  ? Oh No – Alone

Burning Heads – 21st century

Descendants – Crepe Suzette

Anika – Critical

Deen Burbigo – Agent Orange (feat. Nekfeu)

Lundispensable : Orelsan – Le Chant des Sirènes

Chet Faker – Whatever Tomorrow

Soda Blonde – In The heat Of The Night

Delphic – Clarion Call

Boy Kill Boy – Civil Sin

Quivers – When It Breaks

Irène Drésel – Devotee

Hante. – Blank Love

Grum – Lose Control

Da Uzi – Yes

Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

En cas de petite déprime dites vous qu’il y a pire, vous pourriez vivre à Vierzon ou à Montluçon.

BLK JKS – Harare ((feat. Morena Leraba)

Supermunk – I Had Way Too Much Fun (Tribute to UncommonmenfromMars)

Perturbator – Lustful Sacraments

Erol Alkan – Automatic

Genesis Owusu – The Other Black Dog

Vince Staples – Law of Average

Agenda ! 

Retrosect – Avortement

Pikes – Flex & Stretch

Retriever – Water Crumbs

MNDSGN – Hope You’re Doin’ Better

Lundispensable : Daft Punk – Alive 2007

Hante. – Blank Love

Milkilo – Qirmzi

A Place To Bury Strangers – End of the Night

K.Flay -Good Girl

WAVVES – Sinking Feeling

Quivers – You’re Not Always On My Mind

Deen Burbigo – Agent Orange

Keny Arkana – J’sais pas faire autrement

Hide – Mermaid

Mad Foxes – Crystal Glass

Si Azay-sur-Indre c’est sur l’Indre et Azay-sur-Cher est sur le Cher, Azay-Le-Rideau c’est quoi ?

The Shapeshifters – Yolo (feat. Arie Lyric)

Jayda G – All I Need

The Go! Team – A bee without its Sting

Bleu Shinobi – way out

Chill Bump – Twenty

Keny Arkana – J’sais pas faire autrement

Bothlane – Manta

Agenda !

Beach Youth – Two bedrooms

Thé Vanille – Too Cool for School

Weezer – 1 More Hit

Milkilo – Qirmzi

Arthur Satan – Summer

Des Poches sous les Yeux

Lundispensable : Blink 182 – Enema Of The States

KennyHoopla – hollywood sucks

Vince Staples – Law of Averages

Ultra Light Blazer – Brass Kucklez

Cassia – Right There

Fogbow – Exhausted

Arandel – Praeludium

Mydgar – Church

Feirtag – Trepidation (feat. Msafiri Zawose)

VIQ – Vestige

Kojaque – Sex N’Drugs (feat. Celia Tiab)

Boh ça va 300000€ c’est pas si grave ça arrive à tout le monde d’oublier son argent de poche..

Erol Alkan – Automatic

The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme

Kristel – No One Knows

Guacayo – never die

Gurl – Friends

Johnny Mafia – aria

Modest Mouse – We’re Lucky

Quivers – You’re Not Always on My Mind

Mô’Ti Tëi – Dying of Boredom

Squirrel Flower – Roadkill

Tyler, The Creator – Lemonhead (feat. 42 Dugg)

The Last Emperor – Black Magic

Poté – Valley

Poolidor – Djamal

Pikes – Flex & Stretch

Hante. – Blank Love

Ubikande – Snake

Van Dammes – (It’s Time For) Rivolution

Brain Damage & Big Youth – Educated Fools

Bandikoot – Purple Light (feat. Mux)

Lucy Gooch – Chained to a Woman

Vertical – The Mirror

The Avalanches – Take Care in Your Dreaming (feat. Denzel Curry, Tricky & Sampa the Great)

MNDSGN – Slowdance

Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up

Folamour – Lost in Space (feat. SG Lewis)

Xavier Bertrand. C’est tout, c’est ça la blague.

Nude – Inkani

The Brums – Croco

Retriever – Purple

Thee More Shallows – Boogie Woogie

Rumble – BadxGood (feat. Too Many T’s)

Al’Tarba & The Architect – Orange Sea

Snapped Ankles – The Evidence

Milkilo – Qirmzi

The Tell – Love Blood, California

Poté – Young Lies (feat. Damon Albarn)

Gorillaz – MLS (feat. JPEGMAFIA & CHAI)

Q – Take Me Where Your Heart Is

Balm – Dummy

Wolf Alice – Play The Greatest Hit

Arthur Satan – Time is Mine

Forest Pooky – Life on Mars

Kiefer – Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Skyzoo – Free Jewelry

O’sisters – Cant’ be divided

Biga*Ranx – Mad Move

Para One – Sundial

Kings of Convenience – Catholic Country

Lucid Sins – Cursed

Wizard – Bones

Boston Bun – Your Body Your Mind

Vladimir Cauchemar – Brrr (feat. Laylow, Rim’k et Asdek)

ISHKR – Late Night Confessions

Des Poches sous les yeux

Agenda !

Silly Boy Blue – Oh Please

This is the Kit – Bad Feeling

K.Flay – Good Girl

KennyHoopla – survivors guilt

We Hate You Please Die – Epiphany

Soul Glo – FL Style PERMZ

Tyler, The Creator – Manifesto (feat. Domo Genesis)

LeRoyce – Sunny Nights

Peter Van Poehl – Tell Me About Your Dream Last Night

Raoul Vignal – City Birds

Pikes – Flex & Stretch

Peter Pan Pan – Party

Elkka – Morning Fuzz

C’est inclusif ou pas La Ville Aux-Dames ?

Les Gordon – Visions (feat. Anika)

Silly Boy Blue – Teenager

Top Left Club – Talk Talk

La Jungle – Du sang du singe

Jorja Smith – Bussdown (feat. Shaybo)

Chill Bump- Thirteen

Mischa Blanos – Innervision

Agenda ! 

Aurore de St Baudel – La Nuit de Berlin

Vertical – I Wish

Gerard Jugnot 106 – Gerard’s 06

Des Poches sous les Yeux

Lundispensable : Weezer – Blue Album

Oliver Malcolm – The Machine

Alma – Lasting Memories

Neuf Volts – They don’t know

Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way (Anna Prior remix)

Peter Pan Pan – Let it Out

Delilah Holliday – Goddess Energy

Sault – Trap Life

Black Midi – Chondromalacia Patella

/A\ – Grain Sand and Mud

Elkka – Burnt Orange

Mydgar – Breathe

KennyHoopla – estella

Ça devient plus simple quand tu comprends que les enfants c’est comme des adultes bourrés

Grand Soleil – Paradis 303

Folamour – Resonate

K.FLAY – Good Girl

Girl in Red – Serotonin

Greentea Peng – Free My People (feat. Simmy & Kid Cruise)

MNDSGN – Hope You’re doin’ Better

We Hate You Please Die – DSM-VI

Night Beats – Thorns

Para One – Sundial

Boston Bun – Stay Around

Vladimir Cauchemar – Elevation (feat. Vald)

Biga*Ranx – Ma Croix

Retriever – Water Crumbs

Silly Boy Blue – Teenager

KennyHoopla – hollywood sucks

The Dropkick Murphys – Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding

Shewolf – Be happy be productive

Skyzoo – Humble Brag

Smoke DZA – No Regrets (feat. Dom Kennedy)

Chet Faker – Get High

Queen Of the Meadow – Smother

Kavinsky – Nightcall

Perturbator – Excess

Irène Drésel – Vestale

Poolidor – Djamal

L’avantage du punk hardcore c’est que si un morceau est nul, au moins il est court.

Komorebi – Nos Yeux

CHAI – Ping Pong! (feat. YMCK)

Feiertag – It’s Alright (feat. James Alexander Bright)

Les Gordon – Visions (feat. Anika)

Royal Blood – Trouble’s coming

Mad Foxes – Propeller

La Jungle – Du sang du singe

Agenda !

Péniche – Cargo

Girl in red – You Stupid Bitch

Grand Soleil – Human Error

Des Poches sous les Yeux

Lundispensable : Rone – Tohu Bohu

81355 – Capstone

Conway the Machine – Scatter Brain

The Shoes – Time to Dance

Oliver Malcolm – Runaway

Vertical – I Wish

Daisy Mortem – SPAM (Waifu version)

ISHKR – Late Night Confessions

Rumble – Duality (feat. Rhyme Time)

Felhur x Andro – Qu’en reste-t-il ?

Van Dammes – Finally There

Perturbator – Death of the Soul

Rodriguez Jr. – Santa Cruz

Les gens avaient tellement soif de concerts qu’ils ont réussi à trouver 5000 volontaires pour aller voir Indochine

Myd – The Sun

Malik Hendricks – Dance to the Music

Oracle Sisters – The Dandelion

Kcidy – Couleurs qui pleuvent

BLK JKS – Harare (feat. Morena Leraba)

Jorja Smith – Digging

Flying Lotus – Black Gold (feat. Thundercat)

Agenda !

Topsy Turvy’s – All roads lead to you (Extrait de la compilation caritative Losing Control 2 year birthday compilation au profit d’Utopia 56 Tours)

Johnny Mafia – TV and Disney

Weezer – Hero

Talk Show Host – Blood in the Sand

Iceage – Vendetta

Des poches sous les Yeux (spéciale prix 93.6)

Lundispensable : The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

Blumi – I Know About You

People Club – Francine

Les Gordon – Visions (feat. Anika)

ZHU – Zhudio54 (feat. partywithray)

Benjamin Epps – Goom

L’Or du Commun – Sable (feat. Lous and the Yakuza)

Girl in Red – Serotonin

La Battue – Get Set, Go !

Unschooling – NYE

Neuf Volts – I can’t breathe

Kids Insane – Do anything

Baby Strange – Over n Over

Top Left Club – Piss

Erol Alkan – Automatic

Grand Soleil – Human Error