TOP 50 – FEVRIER 2023

1 Acid Arab Trois Crammed Discs
2 Agar Agar Player Non Player Cracki records
3 Italia 90 Living Human Treasure Brace Yourself Records
4 V One Night Stand La Belle Records
5 Ugly mac beer The valley of the king Beatsqueeze records
6 Rounhaa MOBIUS Sublime
7 tramhaus the goat tramhaus
8 Wax Tailor Fishing for accidents Lab’Oratoires
9 The Psychotic Monks Pink Surgery Colour Vicious Circle
10 Low Rent Housing La Mort de l’Age Lyrique Reverse Tapes
11 Caballero & Jean Jass High & Fines Herbes Mixtape vol. 2 Double Hélice Otoro
12 Surprise Chef Education & Recreation Big Crown
13 Opac La lumière sortira de nos mains Reverse Tapes
14 Movulango Mirror In Man Deewee
15 Grand soleil Horizon Nowadays
16 Forever Pavot L’idiophone Born Bad Records
17 Red Axes The Phantasay Collection (Part.1) Phantasy Sound
18 Billy Nomates Cacti Invada Records
19 Bajram Bili We will have ben happy Another records
20 The Brian Jonestown Massacre The Future Is Your Past ‘a’ recordings
21 Hey Hey My My High Life Vietnam
22 Shoetifiv CityT Error Le cèpe record
23 La Battue Farrago parapente
24 Black Market Karma Friends in Noise Flower Power Records
25 H JeuneCrack 3ème Cycle Opale Système
26 Young Fathers Heavy Heavy Ninja Tune
27 Murder capital (The) Gigi’s Recovery Human season records
28 T.F.T Withering Times Reverse Tapes
29 Hotel Lux Hands Across The Creek The State 51Conspiracy
30 Yo La Tengo This Stupid World Sub Pop Records
31 Rien Faire Peuple Dur et Doux
32 Smirk Material Feel it records
33 Mauskovic Dance Band (The) Bukaroo Bank Bongo Joe
34 Savana Funk Ghibli Garrincha gogo
35 White Lung Premonition Domino record
36 Ada Oda Un Amore Debole 62TV Records
37 Iggy Pop Every Loser Gold Tooth Records
38 Sarera & Blanc Manioc Walimizi Blanc Manioc
39 a place to bury strangers pinned dead oceans
40 rendez vous The Distance Ep avant! Records
41 Derya Yildrim & Grup Simsek Dost 2 Bongo Joe
42 mac demarco Five easy hot dogs Mac’s Record
43 Siri Amani Big Fish Imani Production
44 Hamza Sincèrement Just Woke Up
45 Nelick Supplément chantilly Entreprise
46 scuffles sur le bitume twin vertigo
47 Taxi Kebab Visionsal 2ard Real World
48 Yolande Bashing Disparaître Bruit Blanc
49 Sault 11 Forerver Livings
50 Gaye Su Akyol Anadolu Ejderi Glitterbeat