Top 50 Janvier 2024

Groupe Album Label
1 OPAC Songs for a second grace Figures Libres
2 Hot Garbage Precious Dream Exag’ Records
3 Moonback Stage Jinxed Autoprod
4 Aziz Konkrite Siba Sawt System Shouka
5 Jane et les autres City Life autoprod
6 Rebeka Warrior, Claire Ottaway, Oméga Dans Le Spectre Warrior Records
7 Tendre Obscure mixtape vol.3 Autoprod
8 Cigüe (La) S/t Autoprod
9 Cluster Ensemble (Le) Le Cluster Ensemble Almost Musique
10 Magon Chasing Dreams December Square
11 Delia meshlir Bring back the light Irascible Records
12 Sheldon Seul(s) 75e Session
13 Sprints Letter to Self City Slang
14 O.B.F Mixxtape Dubquake records
15 Amari Natura Humana a tierra Autoprod
16 Jwles Le Zin dans la maison Le Zin Records
17 Howlin’ Jaws Half Asleep Half Awake Bellevue Music
18 Grande Mer N°7 autoprod
19 Jaël Moonlight 1988
20 PLAGE 84 Junie 1 indé
21 Bored Lord Name It T4T LUV NRG
22 Extraa Out Of Phase La Grande
23 Cherry Glazerr I don’t want you anymore Secretly Canadian
24 Clockworks (the) Exit Strategy Autoprod
25 Music on hold 4 ever Born bad
26 Rogér Fakhr East Of Any Place (Habibi Funk 025) Habibi Funk Records
27 Fomies Ominous Prominence Taxi Gauche Records
28 Smile (the) Wall of Eyes XL Recording
29 Delilah Holliday Invaluable Vol.2 One Little Independant Records
30 Folly Group Down There! So Young Records
31 15 15 Ataheva S76
32 Zero Gr4vity Une très légère oscillation Jarring Effects x Slab Note
33 Claire Days À l’Ombre Confiture
34 Jaakko Eino Kalevi Chaos Magic Domino Recording
35 Mars Red Sky Dawn of the Dusk Vicious Circle
36 snorunt & dj33needler arva offmode Sublime
37 Smoke DZA & Flying Lotus Flying Objects Smoker’s Club Records
38 Shishi Remixed Good Skills
39 Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, The Alchemist Hall & Nash 2 ALC
40 Ambulanz II Its1records
41 Scuffles Chromé total Autoprod
42 Skinshape Craterellus Tubaeformis Lewis
43 Checkpoint DRIFT Autoprod
44 Ekkstacy Ekkstacy United Masters
45 Sababa 5 Aspan Batov
46 Eloi Dernier Orage Novembre Eternel
47 Shkoon Masrahiya Maison Rouge
48 Pile Hot Air Balloon EP Exploding In Sound Records
49 Ana Tijoux Vida Victoria
50 Jimmy Whoo & Muddy Monk To The Moon Entreprise

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