TOP 50 – MAI 2023

1 Gnoomes Ax Ox Rocket Recordings
2   Fyrs A Big Dream Les Disques en Chantier
3   World Wide Web Transmutation Enter Planet Dust
4   Yeaji With A Hammer Xl Recordings
5   Bothlane Money Ruins The World Luik Music
6   Kae Tempest Nice Idea Republic Records
7 Noble Rot Heavenly Bodies, Repetition, Control Joyful Noise Recordinds
8   Tramhaus Minus Twenty autoprod
9 You Said Strange Thousand Shadow Vol.2 Le Cèpe Record
10   Hide Seven Heaven Autoprod
11   Mossaï Mossaï Faces figures libres
12   Model Actriz Dogsbody True Panther
13   Polibio Mayorga Ecuatoriana Analog Africa
14 Las Barbas Indomitas Vol.2 Mascarpone Discos
16 Beatrice Melissa Surprise Midnight Special Records
17   Echt! Sink-Along Sdban
18 Mounika Don’t look at me MaJu Records
19   Lambrini Girls You’re Welcome Big Scary Monsters
20   Flavien berger Dans cent ans Pan European Recording
21   Telomante Codantera Moli Del Tro Records
22 UTO Touch The Lock Infine
23 The Red Goes Black KEEP IT IN MIND les gamins d’ys
24   Mopao Mumu Spring to summer Autoprod
25   Lucie Antunes Carnaval Infiné Records
26   Meule Beau Red Figures Libres Records
27   Altin Gün Ask Glitterbeat
28   Eloi Pyrale Nadsat
29   Demain Sans Faute 1054 KM Epicericords
30   VenusRaps Superstar EP RDK records
31   Pearl & the Oysters Read the room Stones Throw Records
32 Indigo de souza All of this will end Saddle creek
33   James Holden Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities Border Community Recordings
34   Acid gras Cd1 Autoprod
35   Agar Agar Player Non Player Cracki records
36   Overmono Good Lies Xl Recordings
37   Péniche 2ème étoile autoprod
38   Diamond dogs Usual chronicles Emb records Wave Records
39   Deerhoof Miracle-Level Joyful Noise Recordinds
40   Kabeaushé The Coming Of Gaze Nyege Nyege
41   Daughter Stereo mind game 4AD
42   Submarine FM Waterbending Slab Note
43   Black Sea Dahu I am my mother (Instrumental) Mouthwatering Records
44   Bash Barrow Baileya Autoprod
45   Saucisse Cocktail Musique Savante Un-Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi
46   Not Scientists Staring at the sun kicking records
47   Witch prophet Gateway experience Heart lake records
48   Stuffed Foxes Songs-Motion Return Yotanka-Reverse Tapes
49   Tukan Atoll Autoprod
50   Yaya Bey Exodus The North Star Big Dada