TOP 50 – MARS 2023

1 Bajram Bili We will have ben happy Another records
2 Sabrina Bellaouel Al Hadr Infine
3 Slowthai Ugly Method records
4 Marcel Charivari Luik Music
5 Clavicule Full Of Joy A Tant Rêver Du Roi
6 Agar Agar Player Non Player Cracki records
7 T.F.T Withering Times Reverse Tapes
8 Ottis Cœur Léon Howlin Banana
9 Léonie Pernet Le Club De Consolation Infine
10 Dry Cleaning Swampy 4AD
11 Shame Food for Worms Dead Oceans
12 Young Fathers Heavy Heavy Ninja Tune
13 Miscellaneous x Coeur Nwar Chiaroscuro Autoprod
14 En Attendant Ana Principia Trouble in Mind
15 Yolande Bashing Disparaître Bruit Blanc
16 The Brian Jonestown Massacre The Future Is Your Past ‘a’ recordings
17 Fidlar That’s Life autoprod
18 Sleaford Mods UK Grim Rough trade
19 BAD PELICANS Eternal Life Now Géographie
20 Forest Pooky Violets Are Red, Roses Are Blue And Dichotomy Kicking Records
21 Index For Working Music Dragging the Needlework for the Kids at Uphole Though Love Records
22 Taste S autoprod
23 Red Axes The Phantasay Collection (Part.1) Phantasy Sound
24 R DUG Exotic Frog Flavour Autoprod
25 Yonic South Devo challenge cup Wild honey records
26 Murs & El Lif Take It Easy My Brother Murs Murs316
27 V Record Kicks 20th Record Kicks
28 Baja frequencia sudamericat chinese man records
29 Eloi Pyrale Nadsat
30 Da Break Da best riddim eternal action krew La ruche
31 Turquoise Yachting Club Galaxie Sunliners Irascible Records
32 Talib Kweli x Madlib Liberation 2 Luminary
33 The Good Samaritans No Food Without Taste If By Hunger Analog Africa
34 Alexi Shell Sirens Warriorecords
35 Acid Arab Trois Crammed Discs
36 Yo La Tengo This Stupid World Sub Pop Records
37 Later Walking On The Line Cookie Records
38 H JeuneCrack 3ème Cycle Opale Système
39 Maud Geffray Nite Sessions Pan European
40 OPAC In fragments Ampersound
41 Sierra Manhattan Wich life, the friends Another Records
42 Acid gras Cd1 Autoprod
43 Rounhaa MOBIUS Sublime
44 Gorgeous Jefe & Apx Alx Sun Of Abdoulaye Autoprod
45 Mopao Mumu Spring to summer Autoprod
46 Orbital Optical Delusion Orbital Recording
47 Tramhaus The goat tramhaus
48 UTO Touch The Lock Infine
49 Little Simz No Thank You Forever Living Originals
50 Grand soleil Horizon Nowadays

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