Playlist de l’apérale du 01/12 !

Black Foxxes – Badlands

Dirty Fonzy – Night shift

Great mountin fire- No reason

Bafang – Bamileke nation

MAINE ! – bridge

WHY NICHT – Ma délicieuse


PG.LOST – Oscillate

The Clash – The guns of brixton

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Minimum Brain Size

ZOEN – wonderful times

LIAM BAILEY – White Light


Ingrina – Jailers

Ghostlawns – FFoi

Arandel – Bodyline (King Britt Remix)

Molchat Doma – Otveta Net

Panda Dub & Tetra Hdro K remix – Roll call

Wicked Vessel – II Terzo Occhio della Belladonna Rossa

The Twin Souls – ch ch chewa

Je pense que mon père est un Daft Punk, parce que je l’ai jamais vu en vrai…

Playlist de la midinale du 01/12/2020

Ashkabad meets Baltimores – Obsessed

Michael Jackson – Baby Be Mine

Girls In Hawai – Monkey

Chet Fakear – Gold

Parov Stelar – Voodoo Sonic

The Mystery Lights – Melt

Samsonyte – The Muse

** Agenda **

Arctic Monkeys – I bet you look good on the dancefloor

J.Cole – Déjà Vu

Mac Miller – Dang ! (feat Anderson Pack)

The Chemical Brothers – MAH

Animistic Beliefs – Margiela Face Mask

** Des Poches Sous les Yeux **

Lysistrata – everyone out

Eden Dillinger – Visage

Deen Burbigo – OG San

Carpentier Brut – Run, Sally, Run !

Hudson Mohawke – Chimes

Yacht Club – Tchitty Tchatty Saloon

Rise Of The Northstar – Rise Of the Northstar

Born To Burn – Brain Bastards

Jean Jass – Viande Grillée (feat Exodarap)

Great Mountain Fire – Wide Unknown

Wild Fox – Sunday Lost

Tinawiren – Tilliaden Osamnat

Onipa – Free Up

Schumacher, Maradona…. La poudreuse n’aura épargné aucun champion

Mac Demarco – Preoccupied

Nujabes – Aruarian dance

Kid Cudi – My World

Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains Of Circumstance


The Mystery Lights – Candelight

Carpenter Brut – Paradise Warfare

Metronomy – The Bay

Jungle By Night – Stormvogel

Dunkelbunt – Dunkelbunt Dub

Manu Digital -Eurostar

Onedubground – Strong

Stuffed Foxes – As She Plays

Moonback stage – That’s All

Thé Vanille – Wrath

Kid Among Giants – Love Letters

Rubin Steiner – Stripes And Wolves

Melbeat -03h42 Sapana in Dia

Mazette – Ashoka

Red Money – Sick Man

Sapiens Sapien – Enjoy

Boogers – Perfect Week

Danslamercedesnacree – L’ouroboros

Maze – Wound

Faudrait que Macron ajoute des stories à l’application Stopcovid

Wild Fox – Murses

Michael jckson – Baby Mine

The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La

Red Snaper – Crusoe Takes a Trip

People Under The Stairs -Runaway

Foals- My Number


Liam Bailey – White Light

Mall Grab – Sunflower

Chill Bump X OnedubGround – Who Let The Pigs Out

Born To Burn – Factory

Mo’Kamality – Frontline

Iam – Bouger La Tête

King gizzards &  The Lizards Wizards- Automattion

Belako – All Nerve

Rei Ami – Snowcome

The WRS – Magic Powder

Venettian Snares- Hajnal

Pasteur & Tsy – Speakers Of Boccaccio

Folamour – Devoted to U

Protoje – Deliverance

Doctor C – Ruff electrique

On fait un service de co-fimage des keufs ? On appellerait ça BlablACAB

Disclosure – Tondo

MadMadMad – boggey night

Beyond the Styx -Odysseus

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Found God in a Tomato

Sampa The Great – Grass is Greener

Liam bailey – White Light

Cloud Connection – The End

Roosevelt – Moving On

Gush – Siblings

Gojira – Mouth Of Kala

Lovve – Against me

Izzy and The Black Trees – Trust No One

Manuel – GAS GAS GAS

Funktrauma – Corpus Callosum

Fracnkie And The Witch Fingers – Cavehead

Blonde Redhead – Where Your Mind Wants to Go

Panda Dub – Visions Of Dub

Systema Solar -Quien es El Patron ?

Dizzee racal – Act like you know

Snoop dogg – Vato

The Pilgrim – Riding The Horse

Fatima Yamaha – Unwashed

Common – Fallin

EgoPusher – Beyond

Tinawiren – Nannuflay

Sky Fisherman – Sweaty

Rory Gallagher – I Fall Apart

Egopusher – Altered States

Lofofora – La merde en tube

Art-X – Ruff Out Deh

S.mos – Charleston

Revivor – Smoking Gun

Kid Cudi – Alive ft RATATAT

Quand le chat a la queue verticale, c’est qu’il est en confiance

Megadeth – Tornado of souls

Rise of The Northstar – Here comes the Boom

King Gizzards & The wizard Lizards – Self Immolate

Legowelt – egyptian Acid Oasis

Orchestra baobab – Jin ma jin ma

Cloud Connection – Belly trouble

Kendrick Lamar  – DNA

Mr Twin Sister – Deseo

Belako – Marinela2017

Lysistrata – Asylum

Dabeull – DX7

Rod Anton – We go reason

Manu digital – Eurostar

Egopusher – Elenor

The Rah Band – Messages from the stars

Souleance – Aquarelle

You man – Altered states

Touché Amoré – Savoring

Louis cole – F it up

Rise Against – State of the Union

Verbal Razors – Waterdrop

Haken – prosthetic