On fait un service de co-fimage des keufs ? On appellerait ça BlablACAB

Disclosure – Tondo

MadMadMad – boggey night

Beyond the Styx -Odysseus

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Found God in a Tomato

Sampa The Great – Grass is Greener

Liam bailey – White Light

Cloud Connection – The End

Roosevelt – Moving On

Gush – Siblings

Gojira – Mouth Of Kala

Lovve – Against me

Izzy and The Black Trees – Trust No One

Manuel – GAS GAS GAS

Funktrauma – Corpus Callosum

Fracnkie And The Witch Fingers – Cavehead

Blonde Redhead – Where Your Mind Wants to Go

Panda Dub – Visions Of Dub

Systema Solar -Quien es El Patron ?

Dizzee racal – Act like you know

Snoop dogg – Vato

The Pilgrim – Riding The Horse

Fatima Yamaha – Unwashed

Common – Fallin

EgoPusher – Beyond

Tinawiren – Nannuflay

Sky Fisherman – Sweaty

Rory Gallagher – I Fall Apart

Egopusher – Altered States

Lofofora – La merde en tube

Art-X – Ruff Out Deh

S.mos – Charleston

Revivor – Smoking Gun

Kid Cudi – Alive ft RATATAT