J’ai lu tout Marx et écouté tout Avril Lavigne, je pense avoir de bonnes bases pour comprendre le monde

Playlist de la matinale du 28/05/2021

The Darkness – I Beleive In A Thing Called Love

Weezer – 1 More Hit

The Tremolo Beer Gut – Rad Barrels

The Gift – No Friends, Just Visions

Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me

Becca Mancari – Annie

Crenoka – Naufrage des papillons de ma jeunesse

Andrea Laszlo De Simone – Dal Giorno In Cui Sei Nato Tu

** Des Poches Sous Les Yeux **

** Agendaaaaaaaa **

Johnny Mafia – Refused

Pup – Sleep In The Heat

Carver – Everyone Knew

Mad Foxes – Crystal Glass

Placebo – You Don’t Care About Us

James The Prophet – Get In Right

Maxwell Nostar – Heritage

Pti’Sam – Un jour comme un autre

Yellawolf & DJ Muggs – Privacy

Svinkels – Mass Lysteria

Bad Sleep – Don’t Care

Dream Nails – Vagina Police

** Programme B – Girls Run The Riot **

Petrol Girls – Touch Me Again

Mary Bell – Consent

Not On Tour – What Future

Gurl – Shiva

..,;]) – Jean Victor

Mansfield Tya – Ni Morte Ni Connue

Célénasophia – Me Plonger Dans Tes Yeux

Roraima – StrengtherTies

Les Gordon – 0916

The Boatsmen – Even The Good Times Were Bad