« Qaund J’suis gênée, je fais l’accent belge. »

FKA Twigs – Holy Terrain (ft Future)

Catnapp – Give It Back (feat. PLVYBXY)

Pinch & Kahn – Crossing The Line (feat. Killa’s Army)

Dj Lag – Offi Bee

CYM – Capra

Andrre – Stay Home Club Explicit

Kuna Maze & Vax1 – Cendrier

Kamaal Williams – Strings

Neue Grafik Ensemble – Dedicated To Marie Paul

Flying Lotus – More

Ed Warner – Who Stole My Beer?

Hinin – Dernière Sommation

Guedal Tejaz – Discoliztli

Frustration – Pepper Spray

Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker

Kumusta – Poor

Bison Bisou – New Grounds

MNNQNS – She’s Waiting For The Day

Alex Rossi – Faccia a Faccia

Lightning Dust – Run Away

jay Som – Peace Out

Thé Vanille – Too Cool For School

Make-Overs – Let’s See

Slaves – Ome More Day Won’t Hurt

Ho99o9 – War Is Hell

VALD – J’pourrai

Danny Brown – Negro Spiritual (feat. JPEG Mafia)

A Tribe Called Quest – We The People

Thees Handz – Carpe Diem ( Reverie)

Action Bronson – Descendant Of The Stars

Yin Yin – A Ballad For Chang Wung





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