Thomas VDB sans lutte des classes, c’est Tex.

Wild Fox & Stuffed Foxes – Yves

The Chats – I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane

Supershy  – Take My Time

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Soud & Rythm

Biensüre – Zerin

Taxi Kebab – Leyla

Animalmore!Saturday Morning

Common Insight – A Lake Falls When You Rise

Sampa The great – Shadows

Sudan Archives – ChevyS10

UTO – Heavy Metal

Saucisse Cocktail – La Vérité

Viagra Boys – Troglodyte

Dune rats – Drink All Day

Joey Bada$$ – Brand New 911

Denzel Curry – Worst Comes To Worst

Danger Mouse & Thought – Because

Greentea Peng – Your Mind

The Huile – Godog

Stupeflip – Tellement Bon

Al-Qasar – Awal

Fontaine DC – I Love You

Grandmas House – Always Happy

Ada Oda – Niente Da Offrire

Life – Friends Without Names