TOP 50 – OCTOBRE 2023

1 Sufjan Stevens Javelin Asthmatic Kitty
2 James Blake Playing robots into heaven UMG
3 Cousines Like Shit Avant Trash Seayou Records
4 Dream Nails Doom loop Marshall records
5 Loraine James Gentle Confrontation Hyperdub
6 Sextile Push Sacred bones records
7 Molecule Re-201 Mille Feuilles
8 It It Anita Mouche Vicious Circle
9 Stuffed Foxes Belgrade Reverse Tapes
10 Slowdive Everything is Alive Dead Oceans
11 Souleance Beautiful Heavenly Sweetnes
12 Soom T The louder the better X ray prod
13 Peter Kernel Drum To Death On The Camper Records
14 Slow pulp Yard Anti-record
15 Yeule softscars Ninja Tunes
16 Blaan S Autoprod
17 Streets (the) The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light Warner Music
18 AllttA Curio part II Autoprod
19 Lady Donli Pan African Rockstar Bad mood limited
20 Melenas Ahora Trouble in mind
21 Vagabon Soory I Haven’t Called Nonesuch Records
22 Siz Blind Howlin Banana
23 Dream wife Social lubrication Lucky number music
24 Penelope Antena James & Junes Parapente
25 Cobrah Succubus Gagball
26 Tamaradah Ertevé Autoprod
27 Vox Low Keep On Falling Born Bad Records
28 Trotski Nautique Le Meilleur De À Bas autoprod
29 Frankie & The Witch Fingers Data Doom Greenway
30 John A life diagrammatic Brace yourself
31 Gros Coeur Gros Disque JauneOrange
32 Zinda Reinhardt Zinda Liberta music
33 Flamingods Head Of Pomegranate The Liquid Label
34 Bixiga 70 Vapor Glitterbeat
35 Trunks We dust Il Monstro
36 Mossaï Mossaï Faces figures libres
37 Vanyfox Sonho Azul Moonshine
38 Drift Candyland Huevo records
39 Fleur Bleu.e Unreguited Love Pan European
40 Snooper Super Snooper Third Man Records
41 Upchuck Bite The Hand That Feeds Famous Class
42 Samba De La Muerte Ornament Yotanka
43 Heavy Lungs All Gas No Brakes Alcopop!
44 Genesis Owusu Struggler Awal Recordings
45 Genn Unum Liminal collective
46 Mazette A piece of sweetness Warooba records
47 Grouplove I want it all right now Glassnote records
48 The Chemical Brothers For That Beautiful Feeling Virgin
49 Allah-Las Zuma 85 Innovative Leisure
50 Annie Taylor Inner smile Taxi Gauche records