Tu vois, ça c’est Mc Solaar, notre Booba à nous les boomers.

Playlist du Lundi 23 novembre 2020 – 07h > 10h

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

The Belmondoes – Get By

Motley Crue – Helter Skelter (The Beatles Covers)

Les Princes du Rock – Scalp

Dog For Friends – Sorry Quit

Opac – Legless Lizard

Eels – Waking Up

Kevin Morby – Valley

Strawberry Seas – Trampoline

Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

Plants And Animals – The Jungle

Rubin Steiner – Uranus

Egopusher – Beyond

** Des Poches Sous Les Yeux **

** Agenda **

Chapelier Fou – Les Mariannes

Yes basketball – Your Nights an Your Days

Star Feminine Band – Rew Be Me

Gaye Su Akyol – Isyan Manifestosu

Ela Minus – They Told Us It Was Hard But They Were Wrong

Kid Among Giants – Home

Boogers – Just A bad Day

The Decline – Heroes On Empty Streets

Mean Jeans – Party Line

Lost Balloons – Not My Time

Daily Mind Distortion – High School Punk Rock Elite

Sueurs Froides – Violent Act

Stiff Richards – Point Of You

** Chronique Programme B / Slate : La Culture c’est vendu comme la confiture **

Ingrina – Jailers

Toekan – Y

Peniche – Cargo

Graus Boutique – Echine Of Doom

Pup – Sleep In The Heat

Not Scientists – Wrong Side Of The Hightway

Uncommonmenfrommars – Plastic Guns