2020 est une faille dans l’espace temps, on est passé en une semaine de la saison du barbecue à celle de la raclette.

Feldup – Century Long Fire

Jim Ballon – Heaven’s Raven

Mother’s Cake – Toxic Brother

L.A Witch – True believers

Nadia Rose – Sugar Zaddy

Alvin Chris – Psycho

Tkay Maidza – You Sad


Strawberry Seas – Ocean

Declan Mckenna – The key to Life on Earth

Fakear – Carrie (feat. Alex Metric)

Des Poches Sous les Yeux

Lundispensable : Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand

Cults – No Risk

International Teachers of Pop – I Stole Yer Plimsoles

!!! – Walk it Off

Girl in Synthesis – Arterial Movements

Landowner – Stone Path

Chelmico – Limit

Blu & Exile – True & Livin’

Metz – Blind Youth Industrial Park

Teenage Halloween – Stationary

You man – Altered States

Disclosure – Watch Your Step (feat. Kelis)

Division of Laura Lee – Dodge Bullets

Péroké – Camel Race

« Lyon c’est sur la route entre Tours et Rennes non ? »

Catastrophe – Social Network

Chiens de Faïence – Talk About You

Oh Sees – Gong of Catastrophe

The WRS – Magic Powder

Cults – A Low

Belako – Profile Anxiety


All Them Witches – When God Comes Back

Metz – Hail Taxi

Sabrina Bellaouel – We Don’t Have to be enemies

Des Poches Sous les Yeux

Lundispensable : Guns’n’Roses – Appetite for Destruction

Divisions of Laura Lee – Dodge Bullets

Alvin Chris – Psycho

Zuukou Mayzie – pretty boy

Minyo Crusader & Frente Cumbiero – Tora Joe

Meridian Brothers – Puya Del Empresario

International Teachers of Pop – I Stole Yer Plimsoles

Boy Harsher – LA

Ela Minus – They told us it was hard but they were wrong (Fort Romeau remix)

Asian Dub Foundation – Stealing The Future

Naked Giants – Television

The Lemon Twigs – Moon

Dizzy – Lefty

« Du coup ma soeur est aussi ma cousine, enfin demi-soeur et demi-cousine. »

Disclosure – Energy

Vex Ruffin – What Matters The Most

Chelmico – Limit

Biga*Ranx – Solid (feat. Lil Slow)

Naked Giants – The Shadow

Girls in Synthesis – Pressure

Cults – Trials


Romane Santarelli – Log Lady

Niandra Lades – The Witches

Swedish Death Candy – Modern Child

Yelle – Peine de Mort

Des Poches sous les Yeux

Lundispensable : Gorillaz – Gorillaz

International Teachers of Pop – Flood the Club

Jonathan Personne – Springsteen

L.A Witch – Fire Starter

!!! – Walk it Off

Soom T – Original That’s Me

Parade – Highway

Wolf Parade – Under Glass

Dogleg – Kawasaki Backflip

Deema – Stranger

Péroké – Fetichism

Sabrina Bellaouel – We Don’t Have to Be Enemies

Arca – KLK (feat. Rosalia)

Mounika. – ailleurs

C’est quand j’ai entendu Bénabar que j’ai compris que ça captait plus Béton ici.

Belako – Tie Me Up

Broadway Calls – You Gotta Know

Tkay Maidza – Awake (feat. JPEGMAFIA)

Jehnny Beth – I’m the Man

Trifouille 1er – Analog pizza

!!! – Do The Dial Tone

Gulch – All Fall Down the Well


Astray Astronauts – Dead Heroes

Division of Laure Lee – Dodge Bullets

Deema – Hash Brown

Glaslamp Killer – Midnight Music

Des Poches Sous Les Yeux

Lundispensable : Nirvana – Nevermind

YGGL – Little Vana

Primevere – Real Estar

Matt Maltese – Queen Bee

Romare – You See

Pit Spector – Laydback

Four Tet – Something in the Sadness

La Gallera Social Club – Guacamayo Ara Macao

Animali – Genetic Bombs

Disclosure – My High (feat. Aminé & slowthai)

The Allergies – I’m on It (feat. Dr Syntax & Skunkadelic)


Notre ministre de la culture participe aux reines du shopping mais on empêche toujours les femmes de s’habiller comme elles le souhaitent

Dimitri from Paris – Can’t get Enough (Yuksek remix)

Clap! Clap! – Mandragora

Broadway Calls – You Gotta Know

LANE – Pictures of A Century

Soybomb – Delicate

Cloud Factory – Try

Public Practice – Compromised

Later. – Highway 10

Captain Planet – Ghost Dance

Biga*Ranx – My Driver (feat. O.B.F & Sir Wilson)

O.B.F – Under Pressure (feat. Biga*Ranx)

Lakun Kayri – Fais la

Fakear – Tadlo

Miami Horror – Sometimes

Baston – Primates

Toybloïd – Rck N Rll

Fake Names – Brick

Notches – Room Upstairs

Forest Green – World of Red

Nova Twins – Devil’s Face

Ho99o9 – Lex Luger

Dua Saleh – cat scratch

Tkay Maidza – You sad

Arca – KLK (feat. Rosalia)

La Gallera Social Club – Manduco

Stand High Patrol – Along the River

Hinds – Just Like Kids (Miau)

Thick – Your Mom

!!! – Do the Dial Tone

Baguette Crew – Tapage Nocturne


On devrait organiser un festival avec que des artistes nazes, ça pourrait s’appeler « Tocards de Tours »

Odezenne – Bleu Fuschia

Agnes Obel – Broken Sleep

Tycho – Awake

Nujabes – Spiral

DJ Okawari – Starry Sky

Alexandra Savior – Saving Grace

Phoebe Bridgers – Kyoto

Meryem Aboulouafa – Breath of Roma

Stumbleine – Lost to the World

Mounika. – Soft you

Blutch – La Cité des Etoiles

Rone – Nouveau Monde


Ty Segall – Break a Guitar

The Animen – The Absence

The Wash – Morning Lights

Noble Oak – Morning

Other Lives – Cops

Woods – Where Do You Go When You Dream ?

Spinning Coin – Feel You More Than World Right Now

Black Bones – Destiny

Once and Future Band – Problem Addict

Isaac Delusion – disorder

The Strokes – Bad Decisions

The Undercover Dream Lovers – You Don’t Have To Be Lonely

Snarls – Walk in the Woods

Yumi Zouma – Cool for A Second

Grande – Pray the Lord

Yaeji – Waking up Down

Park Hye Jin – Like This

Pantha Du Prince – Pius in tacet

M83 – We Own The Sky

The Chain Gang of 1974 – Such A Shame

Alexandra Lost – Cut & Paste

Caribou – Never Come Back

Bxnjamin – Carl Johnson

Princess Nokia – Just A Kid

Jon Connor – Morning Motivation (feat. Dizzy Wright)




En Lozère, y’a des bals folk, ça ressemble un peu à l’anniversaire de Bilbo le Hobbit

Ela Minus – They told us it was hard but they were wrong

Darius – Omeo

Jarv is – House Music All Night Long

Alfie Templeman – Happinness in Liquid Form

Mayflower Madame – Vultures

Druids of the Gué Charrette – Fading Away

YGGL – Little Vana

Protomartyr – Tranquilizer

The Bilinda Butchers – Last Train

The Streets – Take Me As I Am (feat. Chris Lorenzo)

Deema – Hash Brown

The Allergies – I Just got that feeling (feat. Andy Cooper)

Hemp Rage – No More

Justice – Genesis

SebastiAn – Embody

Yuksek – Tonight

DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)

DatA – Rapture

Danger – 4:30

Mr. Oizo – Positif

Miro Shot – Half of Us

Alois – Light the Fire

Glorious – Unashamed

Dogleg – Kawasaki Backflip

Fontaines D.C – A Hero’s Death

Petrol Girls – Touch Me Again

Mother Nature – Jump

Blu & Exile – Miles Davis


Ty Segall – The Faker

Dream Wife – So When you gonna…

Thick – Sleeping Through the Weekend

Hinds – Riding Solo

The Architect – Royom (feat. Fliptrix)

Full Dub – Rewind

Khoe Wa – Ikiny

Bitter Moon – The World Above

Bloc Party – Helicopter

Mezzanine – How can she

Four Tet – Insect Near Piha Beach

Daft Punk – Fresh

Arca – Mequetrefe


« La Macarena c’est Damso qui chante ça non ? »

Béton Session avec Sol Hess

Sweat Like an Ape – Shift

Pottery – Texas Drums Part I & II

Animali – Genetic Bomb

Protomartyr – Processed by the Boys

Forest Green – Kiss from the Sun

Glorious – Unashamed

Hinds – Spanish Bombs

Surf Curse – Disco

Igor Gonya – Disco All Night Long

Wajatta – Tonight

Populous & Lucia Manca – Roma (feat. Mathilde Davoli)

Lifelike & Alex Rossi – Italo Amore (Musumeci Edit)

Péroké – Yabaah (feat. Hend Elrawy & Anissa Bensalah)

Keleketla – Future Toyi Toyi

Hemp Rage – Chi Girl

The Hop – Dunes (feat. Jazzy Bazz & Oxmo Puccino)

Later. – All the Time


Supersoaker – The Diamond Sky

Colours in the Street – Let Me Kiss You

Intenable – L’époque

Gulch – Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress

Fontaines D.C – I Don’t Belong

Cloud Factory – Dead Bodies

Public Pratice – My Head

O.B.F – Water (feat. Pupa Jim)

Run the Jewels – Out of Sight (feat. 2 Chainz)

Alois – Planets

Daft Punk – Human After All / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better With You (Alive 2007)


« Ton père c’est un Saint-Emilion 2016 »

Broadway Calls – You Gotta Know

Fontaines D.C – A Lucid Dream

Dizzy – Lefty

The Beths – Out of Sight

Fakear – Structirized

Park Hye Jin – Like This

The Allergies -Hot Sensation (feat. Dynamite MC)

Mother Nature – Jump

Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo – Cannette (Extrait de la compilation MaAula-o-rama Vol. 5)

Trifouille 1er – Trampolino

Mezzanine – Gone for Good

Breakbot – Translight

ST South – Growing up

Dream Wife – Hasta la Vista

The Midnight – America Online

M83 – America

The Toxic Avenger – Americana

Childish Gambino – This is America

Green Day – American Idiot

Lane – Pictures of a Century

Dätcha Mandala – Pavot

Dogleg – Headfirst

Notches – Museum of more dumb art

The Architect X Reverie – Run

Dua Saleh – cat scratch

The Streets – Take me as I am

Jarv is – House Music All Night Long

Trash Talk & Kenny Beats – Point No Point


Art-X & The Roots Addicts – Wada

Stand High Patrol – Along the River

Khoe Wa – Ra Sin

Soybomb – Breakfast in Bed

YGGL – Classic Day

Romare – Sunshine

Biga*Ranx – Solid (feat Lil Slow)

Arca – KLK (feat Rosalia)

Regina Demina – Ondine Mélancholie

Gargäntua – Chloé

Clap! Clap! – Mandragora

« J’ai testé de fumer des herbes de provence, ça a un gout de feu de camp. »

Igor Gonya – Disco All Night Long

Pacocha Disco Brigade – Velpodisco

Captain Planet – Patty Cake

La Gallera Social Club – Manduco

Thick – WHUB

Dream Wife – Sports!

Hinds – Just Like Kids (Miau)

Colours in the Street – Comedy Club

Arca – KLK (feat. Rosalia)

Dua Saleh – smut

Keny Arkana – La Rage

Demi Portion – 1990

The Streets – Take me as I am (feat. Chris Lorenzo)

Pinch – Accelerated Culture

Dimitri from Paris & Aeroplane feat. Leela – Can’t get Enough (Yuksek Remix)

Dombrance – Poutou (Yuksek Remix)

Malik Djoudi – Epouser la nuit (Yuksek Remix)

Intenable – L’époque

Toybloïd – Donna

Dead Myth – Gravity

Glorious – Unashamed

Forest Green – Kiss from the Sun

The Naked and Famous – Sunseeker

Myd – The Sun

Grand Soleil – Sables Mouvants

Biga*Ranx – Sunset Cassette

Des Poches sous les Yeux


Ondubground – Fuss (feat. Bisou)

Stand High Patrol – Along the River

Cloud Factory – Talk too Much

Car Seat Headrest – Life Worth Missing

Miro Shot – Half of Us

Katcross – Girls can Fly

Dogleg – Hotlines

Jeff Rosenstock – No Dream

Alois – Light the Fire

Populous & Barda – Banda

DJ Boring – Seems Like Yesterday

Ela Minus – They told us it was hard but they were wrong (Fort Romeau Remix)