« Ben moi j’ai appris les jours de la semaine en Anglais grâce à Craig David »

The Darkness – Everybody have a good time

Nirvana – Drain you

Everything Is Recorded – Patients

Captain Funk – Patty cake

Pottery – Bobby’s forecast

LA Priest – What moves

Gargäntua – Lucifer


Th/s /s Sh/t – Paraldehyde

Clavicule – Today

Dopamoon – Zouker c’est pas tromper

Other Lives – Lost day


ITW de Axel Nadeau pour COVERAMA

Grande – Yellow saturday

Chevalien – Black Speech

Trash Talk – Something wicked

Moaning – Make it stop

La Gallera Social Club – Manduco

Clap! Clap! – Moving on

O.B.F – Ina this ya time

BBCC – How the fuck did she survived to holocost ?

Only Child Tyrant – Solid grey zebra

VALD – Rappel

LANE – Black gloves

Caribou – Like I loved you

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