« Bordel faut que je me fasse virer avant Aucard !! »

Rejjie Snow – Egyptian Luvr feat. Aminé

L’impératrice – Masques

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great

Brain Damage meets Harrisson Stafford – Stand By Me

Folamour – Night of Desirable Objects




Anna – Legacy

The White Buffalo – I Am the Moon

Yota – Break The Spell

TY Segall – I’m Free

TY Segall – 5 feet Tall

Stand High Patrol – The Bridge



Listener – A Love Letter to Detroit

Peter Kernel – The Shape of Your Face in the Space

Mr Scruff – Ug

Creedence Clearwater – Fortunate Son

City Kay – Run for Your Soul

Jacques Talks 2 Sapiens 

Higher Brothers – WeChat feat. Keith Ape

Ethyène – Rains Over Accident

Voiture de Sport – Sports Car

The Deftones – Dai the Flu

Ocean Wisdom – Less is More

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #6

Peter Kernel – The Fatigue of Passing the Night

Vibronics – Jah Light Jah Love

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