« Mon album préféré c’est le gloubi boulga party »

Do Not Machine- The Host Inside

The twin souls – From the left to the right

Dogs for friends – Make it your own

Wicked Vessel – White hole

Gaye su akyol – Isiyan Mafinestosu

Bafang – Ngo mee

Fatima Yamaha – Spontaneous Order

MGMT – Little dark age

Lebanon Hanover – Living on the edge

Black foxxes – Badlands

King Gizzard – & The lizard wizard – Automation

** Chronique depeche #90**

Star Feminine Band – La musique

Taiwan MC – Nah Leave me Corner (feat Dapatch & Mr Williamz)

Pasteur & TSY – Speakers of boccaccio

Sutja Gutierrez – Empty flower pots

OXES – Boss Kitty

Touché Amoré – Limelight

DIIV – Blankenship

Ghostlawns – Y Gorwei

** Des poches sous les yeux**