Le Quart d’heure Tourangeau avec Enzo et … Guigui !



Vundabar – Plains

Pretty Lights – Press pause

Brain Damage meets Vibronics – Do U remember ft Sir Jean

Iggy Pop – Privat hell ft Greenday

Tiger Bell – Don’t wanna be 3

Thomas Azier – Angelene

Belle & Sebastian – I want the world to stop

The Excitements – I’ve bet and i’ve lost again

Holograms – Meditation

Motorama – Warm eyelids

The Child Of Lov – Heal

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Willing

Boys in Lilies – Runaway

Interview de Orval Carlos Sibelius à La Route Du Rock

Disclosure – F for You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinausor remix)

The Orwells – Blood Bubbles

The Underachievers – The Proclamation

Mr Oizo – Solid (ft M.Manson)

DIIV – Doused

Pierre Mottron – Solar ray

Jean Jean – Wonder bras

The Marvelettes – Finders keepers losers weepers

Martine On The Beach – Magic mama

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages – I’m sad about it

Balthazar – The oldest of sisters


Fumuj – Pegaze

Oddateee – Rock & rap

Le quart d’heure Tourangeau avec Call U.S Legion
Pauses musicales : Nitendhoax / Eat Me / + 2 titres live

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