« Mon nombril est un réceptacle à peluche. »

TV Party – Dark Heart

Born Ruffians – I Fall In Love Every Night

Chicano Batman – Blank Slate

Tropical Fuck Storm – The Happiest Guy Around

TAU – It’s Already Written

Hanni El Khatib – Dead Wrong

Tunng – Follow Follow

Chapelier Fou – Le Traingle des Bermudes

Ty Segall – Taste

Trauski Nautique – A bas Lh’umanité

Catnapp – I Don’t Care

Skygaze – Bloom

AKTHESAVIOR / Leon Funarakis – Konnichiwa

Clouds In A Headlock – Illest Patterns

Vic Spencer – Stop, Cop, and Roll (Feat. Laje)

Algiers – Dispopssession

Monophonics – Last One Standing

Two Fingers – Fight! Fight! Fight!

Only Child Tyrant – Monkey Box

Al-Qasar – Dance Of Maria

Péroké –  Insomnia

O’sisters –  Olala Pimienta

The Used –  Blood Nose

Dogleg – Fox

Birds In Row – Love Is Political

Bison Bisou – New Grounds

Dakiniz – Score One For Satan

Ausgang – Batard

Stuck – Invisible Wall

Once And Future Band – Problem Addict



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