Playlist 7H – 10H du 05/08/22

Billie Eilish – TV

Warpaint – Hard To Tell You

Lalalar – Hic Mutlu Olmam Daha Iyi

Quelle Chris – The Sky is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red

Kendrick Lamar – Mother I Sober

Toxicated Keys – Monate Ke Monate

Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert – Enjoy


Opac – Lunar Phases

Fontaines D.C. – In àr gCroithe go deo

Pillow Queens – House That Sailed Away

Majid Soula – Algérie Maroc

WFSF – Remords

Perfume Genius – Eye In The Wall

Carly Blackman – The Rise & The Fall

Angel Olsen – This is How It Works


Luv – Mujeres

Psycho Weazel – Elettra

Kiddy Smile – The Devil Didn’t Make Me Do It

Lupe Fiasco – On Faux Nem

Serpent – Zombies (That’s What We Look Like)

Do It Later – Fool Support

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