Playlist de la midinale du 5 septembre 2022

Hot Chip – Guilty

Mr Little Jeans – Better With You

Royal Chant – I Woke up this morning and it was a waste of time

Life – Friends without names

Saucisse Cocktail – Mots fléchés (feat. Cesko)

Skela – Flash Back (feat. Maxwell Nostar, Nivek & Absurde)

Oliver Malcom – Baby don’t go

Agenda !

Blutch – Les Sables Blancs

Lucie Antunes – Jacob (Live version)

Shark Mayol – Kraut Coco

Dune Rats – Melted into two

Meryl Streek – Yesterday

Golden Dawn Arkestra – Join As One

Dina Summer – Passion

Local Suicide – Jam Bounce Release (feat. Theus Mago)

DJ F.E.X – Indie Walk

Taxi Kebab – Wana

Common Insight – Ensoul

Ty Segall – Hello, Hi

Osees – Funeral Solution

Viagra Boys – Ain’t no thief

Le Lou – C’est la fête

Kokoroko – War Dance