Playlist de midinale du 21 novembre 2022

M.I.A – The One

Crenoka x Uzi B – wicked

Grand Soleil – Terre

The Toxic Avenger – Bien cordialement (feat. Simone)

Poppy Club – Sub Machine

Low Rent Housing – untitled2

Agenda ! 

bae de goji – Echoes Ghost Run

La Femme – Teatro Lucido

Goat – Under No Nation

Meryl Streek – Death to the Landlord

Westside Gunn – FlyGod Jr

Drake x 21 Savage – Circo Loco

Gold Panda – I’ve Felt Better (Than I Do Now)

Marxist Love Disco Ensemble – Material

This Will Destroy Your Ears – A Tree Falls

Guadal Tejaz – Krautoxic

Surf Curse – Randall Flagg

The Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel

Uzi Freyja – Fous Moi le Camp

Nomenklatür – My Something (feat. Odge)

Dry Cleaning – Hot Penny Day

Greentea Peng – Your Mind

Claire Days – The Ground

Jeanne Added – Au Revoir