Playlist du 23/03/2023 12h-14h

Shame – The Fall of Paul

The Good Samaritans – Onughara

Bardo Pond – Sifaka

Yo La Tengo – Fallout

Dry Cleaning – Gary Ashby (Nourished By Time Remix)

Acid Arab – Leila

12h30 : Agendaaaaa

Birdstone – Seer

(Opé Fera) R. Dug – Bakata

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Nothing Can Stop The Sound

The Big Idea – Last Chance Desk

The Chemical Brothers – A Modern Midnight Conversation

Ulrika Spacek – It Will Come Sometime

Sleaford Mods  – Force 10 From Navarone

Talib Kweli x Madlib – Loop Digga’s Revenge

DRD2 – Dope in Tides

Yonic South – Girl U Want

Nicolas Cruz – Hacia Delante

The Diplomats Of Solid Sound – Soul Connection

Low – Quorum

Index For Working Music – Chains

(opé fera) Clavicule – Queen Blizzard & The Sitar Guitar

Lova Lova – Mambu

Clément Janinet & Adama Sidibé – Aduna

Pierre Henry – Messe pour le temps présent psyché rock 2

Bill Nace – The Giant