Playlist du 24/02/2023 7h-10h

Radiohead – Exit Music

Boards of Canada – Satellite anthem icarus

Ugly Mac Beer – Dolce Vita

Wax Tailor – Home

Wilco – War on War

(Opé fera) : City of Exhiles – Cannibal Song

T.F.T – Hollow

Le Jeu : Dans quel film voit-on des hélicoptères voler sur la musique de La Chevauchée des Walkyries, de Richard Wagner ? Dans le bon vieux Apocalypse Now

Supercilious -Marlen Spike

Bajram Bili – Corridor

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Your Mind Is My Cafe

Women – Heat Distraction

Stuffed Foxes – Modern Mother & Gods


Burning Heads – Endless Loop

The Psychotic Monks – Gamble and Dangle

Yellowstraps – Champagne

Tyler, The Creator – I Think

SAULT – Together

8h30 – Chronique DPSLY : La fée cinéma

(Opé fera) : Yolande Bashing -Le temps qui nous manque

Sonic Boom – You’re the One

Low Rent Housing – Sugar On My Tongue When Im Goin’ Back Home

You Said Strange – Thousand Shadows

Yo La Tengo – Sinatra Drive Breakdown

9h00 Arte Podcast, Les idées larges : être pauvre, est-ce manquer d’argent ?

Index For Working Music – 1871

Half Japanese – Why not ?

A Place to Bury Strangers – Playing the Part

Red Axes – Some Lights

None Sounds – Mad

Brian Eno – Just Another Day

Opac – Infinitude du monde

Black Market Karma – The Sky Was All Diseased