Playlist du 24/05/2023 12h-14h

Mossai Mossai – Silence des toits

You Said Strange – No Way Out

Las Barbas Indomitas – Bengali desobedece

Kae Tempest – Nice Idea

Tramhaus – Minus Twenty

(Opé fera) FYRS – A Big Dream

  • 12h30 Agendaaa

Na Noise – Waiting For You

Marcy Angeles – A Human Is A Human Is A Human

Model/Actriz – Crossing Guard

Swans – Oxygen

Terry – Jane Roe

XV – Fresh Lettuce

Clinton Fearon – Brace Yourself

Polibio Mayorga – Ferrocarril

(Opé fera) ECHT! – Cheesecake

Telomante – Duelo Mayor

Tickles – Cold Blood Strange Love

Deerhoof – Everybody, Marvel

Demain Sans Faute – Noix de coco

Noble Rot – Pictures from the Institution

Luther – virage

Gnoomes – The Neighbor

A Place To Bury Strangers – Never coming back

World Wide Web – Alexa, Play Some Music (feat Bobby Brim)

Indigo De Souza – Wasting Your Time