Playlist du 26-10-2022

Spititualized – Best thing you never had

Laetitia Sheriff – Urbanism – After Goya

Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane

Wu Tang – On that shit again

Black Eyed Peas – Weekends

Kanye West -Feedback

Brain Damage – Sterile

Paul Boutique – They

Boards of canada – Iced cooly

Th Da Freak – The Call

Dry Cleaning – No decent Shoes For Rain

The Flying Tacos – Sunshine Places

Shellac – Song against itself

The Psychotic Monks – Sink

Youthstar & Mischellaneous – Team Work

Los Bitchos – The Link is About to Die

Ty Segall – She don’t care

Black Market Karma – Urchin

Goran Bregovic –  Be that man