Playlist du jeudi 2 novembre de 12H à 14H

Frankie & The Witch Fingers – Doom boom

Genesis Owusu – Leaving the light

Grande – Silence

Loraine James – Glitch the system

Cousines Like Shit – Buy

Vox Low – A Love affair

Agar Agar – Crave


Birds In Row – Confettis

The Streets – Too much yayo

Cobrah – Bad position

The Kills – New york

Nnamdï– Salut

Peter Kernel – Sdeng

ITW Festival Plumes D’Afrique 

Les Mamans du Congo – Mpemba

The Guru Guru – In 2073

Vanyfox – Puto Estranho

Everything Is Recorded– Walk alone

Slowdive – Shanty

Bon Iver – Skinny Love

Mary Bell – You yell

Glauque – Ego

Parquet – Miami vice

FORM – Blackout