Playlist du mardi 7/02 de 16H à 18H

Lankum – Go dig my grave

Algiers – Underside of power

Young Fathers – Shoot me down

Gonjasufi – Kowboyz&Indians

The Murder Capital – The starswill leave their stage

The Psychotic Monks – Décors

Acid Arab – Acid Chawi ft Khnafer Lazhar

Ghoster – Crame1

Rien Faire – Le temps de la saison

Billy Nomates – Spite

ITW de Terreur Graphique par DPSLY

Eminem – Lose yourself

Agar Agar – The visit

The Avalanches – If I was a folkstar

Fyrs – Love you terribly

Movulango – The peak

Hotel Lux – Strut

Hey Hey My My – Amber alerts

SONS – Succeed

Caballero & Jean Jass – New ft Le Juiice

Crenoka & Uzi B – wicked

Raashan Ahmad – No

Iggy Pop – Strung out Johnny