« Quand j’ai plus de pain à la place je mange des Tucs »

Africa Express – Johannesburg

Metronomy – Love letters

Rank-O – Fall

The Gotobeds – Calquer the hound

Breakbot – Turning around

Rubin Steiner – Put your horn in your ass and pull

Denzel Curry – Speedboat

Surf Curse – Rivers edge

Black Box Revelation – Sealed with thorns

Caribou – Jamelia

La Yegros – A ver A ver

Belako – Over the edge

YBN Cordae – Over the edge


Supermunk – Monsters

Sleater-Kinney – Hurry on home

Jacques x Agoria – Jardin

Johan Papaconstantino – J’sais pas

Cassels – All the st john’s wort in the world

Childish Gambino – Redbone

Howler – Back of you neck

Discodeine – Singular

Cadillac – SPDC

Bodega – How did this happen ?!

Bloc Party – Positiv tension

Only Child Tyrant – Monkey box

Chronique Quoi de Meuf #59 : La charge mentale même en vacances !

The Murder Capital – For everything

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Harold’s

Lala Lala – When you die

Disclosure – F for you

Slaves – The hunter

Kano – Class of Deja

The Black Angels – Half believing

Ammar 808 – Kahl el Inin

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Berlin

Etienne de Crecy x Baxter Dury x Delilah Holiday – White coats

Agoria – Code 1026

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