Bonne Année toi-même

Colossal Squid – Faded Acid

K.O.G. & The Zongo Brigade – Money (Hippo Sound System remix)

Bakaka Band – Geesiyada Halgamayow

Skence – The Traitor (ffeat Calvin Davey)

JPEGMafia – Kenan VS Kel

le Motel – Ashes

Crenoka – Don’t Look At the ights

Rare Akuma – I Love Life

Thees Handz – Murs’n’Corey

Lightning Bolt – USA is a Psycho

Gym Tonic – Survivor Of the Suicide

Don Idiot – Ciao Bye Bye

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Superbug

TAU – It’s Already Written

DALLA$ – Pandore

KillASon – Mean

Yin Yin – The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers

Dream Wife – Somebody

Odezenne – Bleu Fushia


« Mon moi de demain, il va détester qui je suis. »

Sean Price – How Sean Price Stole Chrismas

MF DOOM – Wonderfull (DOOM XMas)

Kuna & Vax1 – Cendrier

Ultramoderne – Méfions-Nous

TNGHT – Dollaz

Deheb – From The Ground On Up (feat. Chief)

Ho99o9 – United States of Horror

Grems – Photosoap

Thé Vanille – Vortex In My Cortex

Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin – A song for Sorry Angel

Golden Dawn Arkestra – Stargazer

Guadal tejaz – Mercedeath

*** J’ai de la Locale***

Maze – Wound

Rubin Steiner & Ira lee – Noise In The City

G.Bonson – the Sound Of the Sitar

Péroké – the Collab’ (feat Crenoka & Miscellaneous)

Raphael Guattari– es gringos sont tous les mêmes

Jim Ballon – Cold

Grande – Wild Animals

Thé Vanille – Too Cool for School

Austiste Reading – Les Vacances D’Autiste

Absurde Super Saiyen

Cadillac – Debile

Coukou –  Grundman

Ed Warner – Bombs of hate


« Rennes: Il esquive un tir de LBD grâce à sa galette-saucisse. »

Four tet – Angel Echoes

Swordplay – I Barely Know How to Dress Myself

Dabrye – Pretty (feat.  Jonwayne)

Action Bronson – Sven

Omar Souleyman – Shlon

Rubin Steiner – Jazz

Thé Vanille – Votex In My Cortex

Belle And Sebastian – Wait And See What The Day Holds

Guadal Tejaz – Ausistyx Daze

Oh Sees – Scutum & Scorpius

Le Prince Harry – Stares

Fela Kuti – Water No get Ennemy

Parquet Courts – Total Football

Pup – DVP

Quentin Sauvé – Love Is Home

Guedal Tejaz – Discoliztli

Sempa The Great – OMG

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Palmolive

Vitalic – My Friend Dario

« Aujourd’hui Dans La Rue, Demain Dans les PMU! »

Lapalux – Forgetting Learning Again (feat. Kerry Leatham)

Flying Lotus – Inside Your Home

Flying Lotus – Actually Virtual (feat. Shabazz Palaces)

Kamaal Williams – Snitches Brew

Neue Grafik Ensemble – Hedgehog’s Dilemma (feat. Brother Portrait)

Danny Brown – Best Life

Action Bronson – Dmtri

TTC – Travailler

Vulves Assassines – Chomeur Branleur

Didier Super – A Bas Les Gens Qui Bossent

Odezenne – Bleu Fuchsia

East Man – Can’t Tell Me Bout Nothing

Buy Muy Drugs – Buy My App (feat. Yassin Bey)

This Will Destroy Your Ears – Coffin For Two

Guadal Tejaz – Autistyx Daze

David Shaw and the Beat – Please Please Please

Bison Bisou – New Grounds

Battant  – Socket

Birds In Row – 15-38

Neighbours Burning Neighbours – Lunar Hair Care

Idles – I’m Scum

Guedal Tejaz – Mercedeath

Ed Warner – Bombs Of Hate

LOVVE – Red Carpet

Kumusta – Poor

Super Parquet – JMD 134

Organic Bananas – V-Twin

Zombie Zombie – Hippocampe

Young Fathers – Border Girl

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Crime pays

JPEGMafia – Kene Vs Kel

Dj Lag – Amanikiniki

Roger Damawuzan – Loxo Nye

Only Child Tyrant – Monkey Box





« Qaund J’suis gênée, je fais l’accent belge. »

FKA Twigs – Holy Terrain (ft Future)

Catnapp – Give It Back (feat. PLVYBXY)

Pinch & Kahn – Crossing The Line (feat. Killa’s Army)

Dj Lag – Offi Bee

CYM – Capra

Andrre – Stay Home Club Explicit

Kuna Maze & Vax1 – Cendrier

Kamaal Williams – Strings

Neue Grafik Ensemble – Dedicated To Marie Paul

Flying Lotus – More

Ed Warner – Who Stole My Beer?

Hinin – Dernière Sommation

Guedal Tejaz – Discoliztli

Frustration – Pepper Spray

Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker

Kumusta – Poor

Bison Bisou – New Grounds

MNNQNS – She’s Waiting For The Day

Alex Rossi – Faccia a Faccia

Lightning Dust – Run Away

jay Som – Peace Out

Thé Vanille – Too Cool For School

Make-Overs – Let’s See

Slaves – Ome More Day Won’t Hurt

Ho99o9 – War Is Hell

VALD – J’pourrai

Danny Brown – Negro Spiritual (feat. JPEG Mafia)

A Tribe Called Quest – We The People

Thees Handz – Carpe Diem ( Reverie)

Action Bronson – Descendant Of The Stars

Yin Yin – A Ballad For Chang Wung





Pourquoi pas

Angle Mort & Clignotant – La Piste de Danse

Vulves Assassines – Derrick

Neue Grafik Ensemble – Hedgehog’s  Dilemma (feat. Brother Portrait)

Raashan Ahmad – No

Super Parquet – JMD 163

Guedal Tejaz – Mercedeath

*** Album de la Semaine ***  Bishop Briggs – Jekyll & Hyde

Bison Bisou – New grounds

Slaves – It Makes Me Sick


Nivek  – Mec A Part

Francky Goes To Pointe à Pitre – Kazikunu




Pétula Clark

Didier Super – Manipulez-Nous Mieux

Vulves Assassines – Chômeur Branleur

Angle Mort & Clignotant – Google/Ta Gueule

Only Child Tyrant – Monkey Box

Black Strobe – The House of Good Lovin’

Bison Bisou – New Grounds

Slaves – One More Day Won’t Hurt

Bad Breeding – Tortured Reality

Girl Band – Shoulderblades

*** Album de la Semaine ***   Bishop Briggs – Jekyll & Hide

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Creestal remix)

Apollo Brown & Guikty Simpson – I Can Do No Wrong

MED / Blu / Madlilb – Even Though

Tangled Tape – Playground

Art Melody – Yamb Sabaab

Jay Som – Peace Out

Du Blonde – Buddy

DIIV – Blankenship

TAU – It’s Already Written

Lysistrata – Every One Out

Stuffed Foxes – As She Plays


Remains Of Morpheus – The Awaking: Déjà Vu

Stuffed Foxes – Common Maze Model

Deadly Bites – Explode

Battles – Titanium 2 Step

Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops

Ondubground & Chill Bump – Chemestry

Népal – Evisu

JPEG Mafia – Post Verified Lifestyle

Neue Grafik Ensemble – Foulden Road

¤¤¤ J’ai D’la Locale ¤¤¤

Mind The Beatz – Pad Thaï

Mazette – Blockhead (feat. Absurde & Spay Waï)

Chill Bump – Just A Sample

Triffouille 1er – Mago

danslamercedesnacrée – Cevert Goldenberg Theme

Mangrove – Saison Cuir

Autiste Redding – Les Vacances d’Autiste part I & II

VSSVD – Rouge

Waxomega – Juste un Homme

Nivek – L’Odyssée de NI

Sam Tach – Pierre et Progrès

Le Kyma  – Etre vivant

Le Carré – Salle Du temps

Dees Chan – Sam’Archera


« Mias le sirop d’érable, c’est de l’arbre en fait? »

Gilia Girasole & Ray Borneo – Oublie-Moi

Fred Pallem et Le Sacre du Tympan – Le Village du Sorcier

Thees Handz – Carpe Diem (feat. Reverie)

Allah-Las – Keeping Dry

TAU – The Sturgeon

Tropical Fuck Storm – The Happiest Guy Around

Toro y Moi – Half Dome

Mystical Faya – Confusion (feat. Marcus Gad)

Thees Handz – Carpe Diem

At-the-drive-in – One Armed Scissor

Lysistrata – Death By Embarrassment

Bison Bisou – New Grounds

The Hives – Hail Hail Spit N’Drool

OnDubGround & Chill Bump –  Shake Dat Ting

Caribou – Bowls (James Holden remix)

Népal – Rien De Spécial

VALD – Ce Monde Est Cruel

Fixpen Sill – Touareg (feat. Nepal)

IAM – Né sous la même Etoile

Guedal Tejaz – Mercedeath

Iguana Death Cult – Carnal Beat Machine

Juana Molina – Un Dia Punk

Jean Dujardin – Bambino

Acid Arab – Staifia (feat. Radia Menel)

Le Tigre – Deceptacon

Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Deheb – Flex (feat. Flexfab & Cauzndefx)

Dels – Shapeshift

Make-Overs – Let’s See

Pamplemousse – Ventoline

The Strokes – Last Nite

Nepal – Reglement Space #3



Le Frais du Béton du Lundi

TAU – And The Drone of Praise (présenté par Enzo)

Dalla$ – Haine Lowcost (présenté par  Robin)

Giant Swan – Giant Swan (présenté par Enzo)

Dead Horse One – The West Is The Best (Présenté par Sonia)

KillASon – Supaheroz (présenté par Enzo)

Mystical Faya – Born Again (Présenté par Mel P.)

Pti’ Sam – Un monde en Downtempo (présenté par Enzo)


FKA TWINGS – Magdalene (présenté par Sonia)

SAINT DX – SDX (présenté par Robin)

MOKROÏE – Machines & soul (présenté par Anthony)

KRAAK & SMAAK – Pleasure center (présenté par Mel. P)

LA VAGUE – Lemme be (présenté par Sonia)

SWORDPLAY – Paperwork (présenté par Robin)

DALVA – Rail (présenté par Anthony)

DANNY BROWN – U know what I’m sayin? (présenté par Mel. P)